A Boozy Salted Caramel Apple

4 Oct

Autumn air makes me yearn for the tart cheek puckering sweetness of a fresh picked New England Apple… dipped in caramel. Who doesn’t love every aspect of this combination? Okay, I don’t love the unladylike behavior that occurs for much time after as I find myself digging for something, anything suitable and respectable, to dig the caramel out of my teeth. Small sacrifices, right?

Photo by Alicia Carlson

The other day I was doing a tasting of a locally made ice cream by the name of Batch.  I needed some good styled photos for my article so I made a call to Alicia Carlson and asked if she could help me out. Natural ice cream is lovely on the tongue, but murder for a photographer. It melts quickly, even on a cool day. Straws were strategically used as anti puddle tools and the shots got done and came out beautifully. (Thanks Alicia)

Photo by Alicia Carlson

Now, what do you do with melting ice cream on a cool Autumn afternoon? If the flavor is Salted Caramel, delicately rich from its use of local Maine butter, New England milk and cream, and just a kiss of Maine sea salt, to bring out the flavors and shine a light on them? You make a Hard Apple Cider Caramel Float from it or, as I like to think of it, a Boozy Salted Caramel Apple. A generous couple scoops of Batch Salted Caramel  ice cream in a glass handled mug with a slow pour of Crispin Original Cider is truly a lovely combination. The scent of tart apples and rich caramel waft up through the effervescent overflow of carbonated ice cream over the glass. The best part of this drink was not having to lose my ladylike demeanor while trying to dislodge caramel from my teeth.

Photo by Alicia Carlson


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