Review: Bakery-on-Main’s new fruit & nut snack bar line: truebar

11 Apr

So, I picked a few of these bars up on a whim the other day. I have my nut bars that I am loyal to and don’t stray often, however, there was something about this product, new to my local store’s shelves, that made me jump it. First let’s address what makes me try a product like a nut/fruit bar.

Top 4 Reasons I’ll Bite:

  1. Gluten Free: This is the biggest concern as a Glutard*.
  2. Familiar Brand: I have tried Bakery on Main’s granola in the past. Not a HUGE granola fan, so I didn’t get sold, but marked it in my memory as tasty. I also had seen them at ExpoEast several times and liked their growth. Meant the company was solid.
  3. Packaging: I’m a design whore. I love good packaging. I will pass up a great product in bad packaging and try a mediocre product in great packaging. It’s perhaps a downfall, but I recognize it. I liked the packaging of these bars, including the transparency of the wrapper. It is beneficial to see the product before buying it.
  4. Nutritionals: I’m not looking for perfect nutrition in a bar. I know there will usually be far more sugar than I really wish for, just by the nature of needing something to glue it all together, sigh, BUT, I don’t want a candy bar disguised as a nut bar. These are a fair in between. Definitely more of a snack bar than a “oops I don’t have time to eat, so I’ll eat this” bar, but better than many other less healthy snack options out there (including having another peanut butter stuffed jalapeño) .

So, that’s my dating process for a nut bar. Since TrueBar obviously won a trip home with me, what was my final take?

apricot almond chai bar

Holy hell! Really?! Now this was goodness in my mouth. The spices were lovely, the consistency and mouth feel were spot on, and as sweet as I assumed, it definitely was a snack and not a meal.

walnut cappuccino bar

Being housebound with a broken toe, I was craving a coffee flavor. Any type of coffee flavor. This was good, earthy, sweet, nutty, and just a complementary hint of coffee-ness to it.

coconut cashew bar

This was the last remaining one in my tin by my desk. This morning, while waiting for my eggs to hard boil, I gave in. It was good, but didn’t sell me like the other two. There was a complexity and balance missing in this one that the others had. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn one down if a friend offered, but I would be more likely to go with the chai and cappuccino versions first.

In conclusion, I think Bakery on Main has another hit on their hands with this TrueBar line. Follow them on Twitter @true_bar and let them know you want TrueBars in your market! Also, check out their other products here!

*Glutard… an individual suffering from gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Meant playfully and without insult, used as term of self expression by many gluten intolerant people. 

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One Response to “Review: Bakery-on-Main’s new fruit & nut snack bar line: truebar”

  1. bakeryonmain April 12, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    Glad you enjoyed the True Bars, hope your toe heals soon!

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